Seattle, renowned for its urban charm intertwined with natural splendor, offers myriad picturesque locales for engagement photos. Whether seeking the perfect scene as a Seattle wedding photographer or a couple envisioning your engagement session, selecting an ideal backdrop can enchantingly capture your love story. Explore these top 9 locations in Seattle that promise breathtaking settings for your engagement shoot.

Pike Place Market

Embrace the quintessential Seattle vibe with the bustling atmosphere and vivid colors of Pike Place Market. The iconic neon signs, fresh flower stalls, and lively market scene provide a vibrant backdrop for your love.

engagement photos at Pike Market

Occidental Square

Occidental Square offers a unique blend of Seattle’s historic and contemporary elements. The beautiful park, surrounded by art installations and ancient trees, provides a serene setting in the city’s heart.

Gas Works Park

With its industrial structures against green spaces and panoramic views of Lake Union and downtown Seattle, Gas Works Park stands out for couples seeking a distinctive, urban backdrop.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park in West Seattle is another incredible option overlooking Puget Sound. This park features rocky beaches, grassy forests, and green meadows perfect for showcasing your and your partner’s love for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. You won’t be disappointed with the diversity of Lincoln Park as your backdrop. 

engagement photos at Lincoln park

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is a whopping 534-acre natural park on the Magnolia Bluff overlooking Puget Sound. This is Seattle’s largest city park and offers plenty of options for capturing your engagement photos. Discovery Park offers spectacular views of both the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges. The park includes two miles of protected tidal beaches, open meadowlands, dramatic sea cliffs, forest groves, active dunes, thickets, and streams. The nature backdrops for your photos are endless in this landscape, and you will want some photos overlooking the picturesque West Point Lighthouse. This is the perfect Seattle park for those wanting a variety of gorgeous backdrops to showcase their engagement. 

Alki Beach

Alki Beach presents stunning vistas of Puget Sound and the Seattle skyline, offering a romantic beachfront location for sunset engagement photos.

Washington Park Arboretum

This lush oasis is a haven of trees and plants, creating a verdant backdrop that’s especially magical in the fall with changing leaf colors.

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square’s historic charm, brick buildings, and cobblestone streets add a vintage feel to your engagement session.

University of Washington

The University of Washington campus is famed for its architectural beauty and the cherry blossoms in the Quad, providing a picturesque collegiate backdrop. We have the location for you if you want the perfect spring engagement photos! In early to mid-March, the cherry blossom trees on the UW campus are in full bloom and make for the ideal backdrop for your blossoming love! The red brick backgrounds, pink flowers, and green lawns will make your engagement photos stand out. 

engagement photos at UW

Timing and Lighting for Stunning Engagement Photos

  • Golden Hour: Capture the soft, flattering light during the golden hour, just after sunrise or before sunset.
  • Blue Hour: The serene blue hour, before sunrise or after sunset, offers a unique and romantic atmosphere.
  • Overcast Days: Seattle’s overcast days provide diffused light, perfect for soft and evenly lit photos.

Tips for Incorporating Seattle’s Natural Beauty

  • Seasonal Beauty: Let the season inspire your session, from spring cherry blossoms to summer greens, fall foliage, and winter’s moody skies.
  • Iconic Landmarks: Feature Seattle’s landmarks, like the Space Needle and Mount Rainier, as symbolic elements in your photos.
  • Embrace the Elements: Incorporate the misty rain or lush environments typical of Seattle to add authentic natural beauty to your session.


Each selected location in Seattle offers a unique opportunity to capture your engagement in a way that reflects your personal story. Consider how these scenic spots can highlight the essence of your relationship when planning your session. With thoughtful planning and a talented Loc Le Films, Seattle wedding photographer, your engagement photos will preserve memories and narrate your love’s journey.

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