Here’s my story...

I picked up my first camera in 2012, because I wanted to experience and capture the beauty of the pacific northwest in real life, rather than staring at it on the screensaver of my computer. I needed an escape from the mundane life of sitting at my desk in the server room at work. In 2015, my friend invited me to shoot a wedding with him. That’s when I fell in love with wedding photography.

Anything could happen and that’s why every second is important and exciting for me.

We love stories and real moments of laughter,
spontaneity, tears of joy and love.


Why should this matter to you?

An image keeps those memories clear, long after they have faded and blurred in one’s mind.

People experience so many beautiful emotions on that special day of celebration: laughter, tears, and pure joy. It is truly magical to observe, and I feel so lucky that I get to find and capture those moments.

When I’m shooting a wedding, I am mindful and aware of everything going on around me. It’s not just about getting the traditional images of ring exchanges or the first kiss—there are so many other moments: Guests crying, flower girls yawning, friends hugging, grandfathers dancing, children laughing, and ring bearers picking their nose!


You may be dreading about your engagement and wedding shoots, concerned that you won’t look natural or that the whole thing will feel awkward. I can completely understand that!

I promise to work with you to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable during your shoot. Your session will be fun and I promise that you and your partner will enjoy your time during our engagement, bridal, or wedding day shoots.

I also promise to create a truly unique heirloom for the both of you. Your relationship isn’t cookie cutter so why should your photography be?

Your love story is unique and the way it’s captured should be just as unique as you.

From the moment you realized you were meant to be together, to the phone call you made to your best friend or mother to tell them you're in love, to the life-changing moment he say "I do" and put the perfect ring on your finger, each moment contributed to the wonderful story of your relationship.

You owe it to yourself to tell this story in a gorgeous heirloom album that many generations will cherish.

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