Wedding videographers are the last vendors couples think about when planning their marriage because they believe they don’t need both wedding photography and wedding videography. After all, your wedding photos are what you will put in an album, hang on your wall, and share with your family and friends. Why do you need a wedding video on top of that?

However, one of the most common regrets I’ve heard from couples after their wedding is I wish we had hired a videographer.

We get it: hiring a wedding videographer is an extra expense, and if your budget is already tight, it can be a challenge to decide what you need to adjust to create enough room for yet another vendor. But having a wedding video is well worth it, and it’s an investment you will never regret making.

Cell phone videos just don’t cut it.

Even if you ask a family member or friend to get some videos of your special day, they likely won’t have the expertise or equipment to get quality videos. Instead, you’ll end up with shaky footage or a few quick cell phone videos that don’t do much to capture the magic of your wedding day. While it’s enjoyable to see the photos and videos your friends take, if you want something you can look back on that authentically captures your wedding, you need to hire a professional.

Wedding Videographer Captures the sounds of your day

One of the few ways photography falls short is its inability to capture audio moments. While you can get gorgeous photos of your dress, your walk down the aisle, and that first kiss, your photographer won’t be able to capture your vows: the moments when your guests laugh or those words that move your new spouse to tears. From well wishes to the fun of dancing at your reception, a videographer can capture the sounds of your wedding day.

At Loc Le Films, we have multiple sources to capture the audio at the ceremony and toast to ensure we have the best audio to use in the highlight.

wedding videographer uses audio equipment
Close-up of the front panel of the professional digital betacam video recorder. Shallow dof. LED display with timecode, buttons.

See the emotion on everyone’s faces.

Sometimes, photography doesn’t do the feelings of a moment justice. Videography lets you look back and see how your guests reacted throughout your wedding day. You can enjoy the dances and the laughter and relive this special day as many times as you want. You can’t put a price on capturing memories like that.

Share your video with your loved ones

Your friends and family will love looking through your wedding photos, but a video is much easier to share online and allows them to remember your day’s big feelings and moments. A highlight video of your wedding is a bite-sized look at your ceremony and reception that friends and family can easily enjoy. Plus, you can watch it as many times as you want—and you likely won’t want to watch it just once!

Don’t risk losing out on memories.

When big moments happen in our lives, we think we’ll never forget them, but memories fade. That’s what makes photography so important: our ability to capture moments as they happen can help us remember the special days and events that we want to remember years and decades down the road. You will never regret having too many photos or videos capturing each emotional moment of your wedding day. Still, you may regret not seeing your mother’s face as you walk down the aisle or hearing your partner’s vows as they happen.

Finally, when you invest in a professional wedding videographer, you can rest assured that you can relive your wedding day as many times as you want in the years to come.

Happy Planning!

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