Engagement sessions are undoubtedly unique and filled with excitement as couples embark on their journey towards marriage. Hanna and Kylie recently experienced this joyous celebration of love during their engagement photo session at Seattle Alki Beach with Loc Le Films.

Alki Beach, located in Seattle, is renowned for its stunning panoramic views of the city skyline and the beautiful, serene Puget Sound. Its sandy shores and breathtaking sunsets are an ideal backdrop for capturing memorable moments Hanna and Kylie will cherish forever.

We had the privilege of working with Hanna and Kylie to document their love story against the picturesque Alki Beach scenery. We began the session by strolling along the beach, allowing the couple to relax and show genuine affection for each other. They held hands, exchanged loving glances, and laughed wholeheartedly, creating authentic and captivating photographs.

The weather was on our side that day, with a warm breeze and clear skies. These elements provided soft, natural lighting that illuminated Hanna and Kylie’s expressions, emphasizing the warmth and happiness they exuded throughout the shoot.

We explored locations along the shoreline to add variety to their Alki Beach engagement photo collection. We captured romantic moments against the iconic Seattle cityscape in the distance, incorporating the urban charm into their love story. The contrast between the modern cityscape and the serene beach created a unique and visually pleasing composition.

The engagement session at Alki Beach allowed us to witness and capture the love and connection between Hanna and Kylie. Their genuine affection and the stunning natural surroundings harmonized harmoniously to create a truly memorable experience. These engagement photos will serve as a testament to their love and mark the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

We recommend Alki Beach as the backdrop if you plan an engagement session. Its charm, beauty, and versatility make it an ideal location to capture your love story. Combining the beach, cityscape, and dreamy sunsets creates stunning photographs and a romantic ambiance that enhances your connection as a couple.

Photographing Hanna and Kylie’s engagement session at Alki Beach was a delight, and we cannot wait to witness the next chapter of their love story as their wedding day approaches.

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