Every couple has different style preferences from color schemes, wedding themes, wedding outfits, and also wedding photography styles. When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer before you even begin searching you will want to know just how you want your wedding to be photographed. Each photographer will specialize in a specific style so knowing what style you prefer can make finding a photographer a little easier. Most wedding photography styles will fall into one of these 5 styles.


When you choose a classic style the results are images that stand the test of time. These are the traditional black and white images, carefully posed and meticulously planned out or these are group shots of the couple with their bridal parties and their families. Most often the photographer specializes in capturing ordinary moments in a beautiful and elegant way. This style tends to be a bit more formal but can always be given a modern twist. Also classic wedding photographer requires to get involved in guiding to direct posing the wedding group for photos.

Classic wedding styles at Tacoma court house square


If you want something that is more personal for you then an artistic style may be your ideal choice. These style of images tend to capture unique, special moments and tend to utilize a lot more of the space around the couple instead of just capturing the couple full frame and up close. Artistic wedding photography does’t have clear definition or rules, it is freedom, a passion. Photography is not just about the photographer. If you are open and willing to have a bit of fun with your photographer you will be amazed by the results. Artistic wedding photographer is also a fantastic way to capture your engagement photos.



Lifestyle is a type of photojournalism photography with a bit of a twist. Most images will appear to be candid, and most often they are. This style is a mix of candid, natural shots and images with some direction and staging provided to get the perfect shot. A good lifestyle photographer will look for moments but also set the scene.

Life Style Wedding Photography at the Ruins


While all styles will use different types of lighting, dramatic images make it a key component. This style will showcase a variety of different lighting techniques that the photographer has mastered to create truly breathtaking portraits.

Dramatic wedding photography style at Aqua


Documentary wedding style at Chateau du Nuage

If you are not into the traditional posing or styling of shots, then a documentary wedding photographer is probably one you will want to consider. The documentary style focuses on candid and spontaneous images that truly capture candid, spontaneous pictures of people, decor, action in the moment or the entire essence of you wedding day.

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