Living in King County is honestly one of the best things ever as a photographer. From mountains to forests to lakes to waterfalls & more, the King Couty has some of the BEST locations in the country for engagement photos. Below are our ten best engagement locations. Hopefully, it helps you narrow your decision to only your absolute favorites.

The Quad at UW

We have the location for you if you’re looking for the perfect spring engagement photos! In early to mid-March, the cherry blossom trees on the UW campus are in full bloom and make for the ideal backdrop for your blossoming love! The red brick backgrounds, pink flowers, and green lawns will make your engagement photos stand out. 

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Occidental Square 

There are hundreds of beautiful parks to choose from throughout the Seattle area as locations for your engagement photos, but this one is great for those couples who feel more comfortable surrounded by an urban landscape. For our city-loving couples, Occidental Square, located in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle, is the perfect park to capture the bustle of urban life, the beautiful, old brick-red pavement, the moss-covered buildings, and the twinkling lights on the tree branches lining the courtyard. This is a great place to capture your ‘Sleepless in Seattle-esque’ engagement photos. 

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Des Moines Beach

For those couples who like sippin’ piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, what better place than a PNW beach? The Des Moines beach is located south of Seattle in Des Moines, WA, and overlooks the Puget Sounds with stunning views of the Olympic Mountains. There are plenty of sandy spots to stand on in the shallow water, beached logs to sit along, and a dock to capture photos of the beautiful landscape. You will never be disappointed in images that capture the incredible diversity of the nature of the PNW. 

Point Defiance Park

For all those animal lovers, Point Defiance has so much more to offer than just an incredible zoo and aquarium; there are also tons of areas across this considerable park to capture photos with incredibly diverse landscapes and backdrops. This park, located in Tacoma, WA, offers tons of spots along Five Mile Drive to get shots overlooking the Puget Sound, along with beautiful mossy, green backdrops of the old-growth forest, several beaches, and an incredible botanical garden. The options at this considerable park are endless, so you’re sure to get a variety of sceneries to illuminate the beauty of your love. 

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Fort Steilacoom Engagement 6
Fort Steilacoom Engagement 19

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is a whopping 534-acre natural park on the Magnolia Bluff overlooking Puget Sound. This is Seattle’s largest city park and offers plenty of options for capturing your engagement photos. Discovery Park offers spectacular views of both the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges. The park includes two miles of protected tidal beaches and open meadowlands, dramatic sea cliffs, forest groves, active dunes, thickets, and streams. The nature backdrops for your photos are endless in this landscape, and you will want some photos overlooking the picturesque West Point Lighthouse. This is the perfect Seattle park for those wanting a variety of gorgeous backdrops to showcase their engagement. 

Discovery Park
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Alki, located in West Seattle, offers several beaches and parks overlooking Puget Sound. With views of the city skyline, the Olympic Mountains, ferries, sailboats, and steamships that ply Puget Sound waters, Alki is the perfect place to get a blend of cityscape backdrops and gorgeous natural settings. You’ll surely capture photos that’ll be cherished forever, with the famous Alki beach sunsets illuminating you and your partner in cotton candy colors. 

Alki Beach engagement
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Lincoln Park 

Lincoln Park in West Seattle is another incredible option overlooking Puget Sound. This park features rocky beaches, grassy forests, and green meadows perfect for showcasing your and your partner’s love for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. You won’t be disappointed with the diversity of Lincoln Park as your backdrop. 

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Downtown Ballard 

This location may be perfect if you’re tired of seeing the typical engagement photo backdrop of beaches, parks, and mountains! Nothing beats the city’s beauty, especially in one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, Ballard. This historic area offers a charming mix of old and new. The classic red brick buildings, the picturesque Ballard Bell Tower, and the tree-lined streets of the Ave are the perfect backdrops for our city-loving couples who want to showcase their love surrounded by the places they’ve spent their time falling for each other. 

Mukilteo Lighthouse Park

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This beach, featuring the famous Mukilteo Light Station, is the perfect picturesque spot for couples who want a classic beach town background. With the stark white buildings and bright red roofs, the ferries on the water, the rocky bluffs, and the pink clouds in the sky, this is a great option to capture some beautiful photos of a historic landscape. 

Downtown Seattle

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