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Seattle Wedding Videography

The Importance of Videography

You may feel that wedding videography is an expense you can do without. After all, your wedding budget is already likely full of other things that you absolutely need for your special day. But capturing video of your wedding, from the preparations and decor to the vows to the first kiss will mean so much to you for years to come.

Video does what photos cannot: capture the emotion, expressions and feelings of your wedding day. You can hear the celebration in your guests’ voices and the music you chose for your ceremony. You can see the tears fall down your partner’s face as you speak your vows. A professional wedding video is something you will look back on and cherish for the rest of your lives, and it’s worth the investment. Will I regret not hiring wedding videographer?

Still not sure if wedding videography is right for you? Check out some of our previous wedding videos and learn how much they meant to our couples.

Videography Process

While wedding photography is a traditional part of the wedding planning process, many couples don’t know what to expect when working with a videographer. We strive to make our clients comfortable and ensure that they receive a film that truly captures the special moments of their wedding day.

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Step 1: The Consultation Meeting

We always encourage meeting up. We want to know what you needs, so we can prove a custom package based on how much time and budget are available. Let’s chat so that everything is just right.

Step 2: The Preparation

Your wedding will be an event to remember, and we want it all captured in perfect detail. That’s why after you book with us, you will receive checkin emails from us after booking to discuss about planning your beautiful wedding story and music selection is one of them! We will meet one more time by the phone or zoom before the wedding date. This way we will check in with you to make sure everything is planned, and we know when and where we need to be. Then it’s Showtime!

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Step 3: The Wedding Day

We know how to make your day go from ordinary, into something really special. We’ll bring out the best in you and capture all those happy moments so that they can last forever! Our creativity will amaze with its beauty–and we’re not afraid of getting close when needed for great shots like these (though sometimes it does involve getting rather cheeky). You won’t find a more dedicated or passionate team than ours; our work speaks volumes about what kind people are behind this business.

Step 4: The Editing

We will take 50-100 hours to make your wedding film! We are so excited and happy that you trust us with the responsibility. That means all of our work will be seamlessly integrated with everything else on-site (including sound recordings) in order to tell an awesome story about how things happened during this beautiful day for eternity. Your day is special, which means it deserves a beautiful story for years after and we always want our clients’ happiness at heart when creating these films because they’re priceless memories from their big day.

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Step 5: Delivery

It will take 8 to 12 weeks after the wedding day to formulate your masterpiece.

Wedding Videography Investment

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The cost of wedding videography varies depending on the videographer and the location of your wedding, as well as what kind of package you want. Some couples require extra filming time or editing to fully capture their entire day. The best plan is to start with a standard package and talk to your videographer about your needs. They can then customize your package to suit your wedding day, ensuring that you get all the coverage you require. At Loc Le Films, we want to capture majority events happening on your big day and we think we need 8 hours to doing so. 

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Seattle Wedding Photographer Pricing

Basic Wedding Videographer Collections


  • Up to 8 hours continuous coverages
  • Highlight videos


  • Additional Lead Videographer $250/hour
  • 2nd videographer $75/hour minimum 4hours
  • Ceremony/Toast $200
  • Separate editing ceremony or toast video
  • Both Ceremony and Toast $300

What people say about our wedding videos

Wedding Videography FAQ

Your will see your wedding highlights up to 12 weeks.

There is $1,000 retainer fee to secure your days.

Yes, I edit all the photos that I deliver to you. I carefully select and enhance each image to ensure consistency and quality. I apply basic adjustments such as exposure, contrast, color, sharpness, and cropping. I don’t do extensive retouching such as skin smoothing, body shaping, or background removal, unless requested for a specific image. I don’t provide the raw files, as they are unfinished products that don’t represent my final work.