You’re getting married! Whether you’re planning your big day all on your own or with the help of a wedding planner, one of the most fun things on your to-do list is your engagement photos session. This is your chance to get adorable photos of you and your soon-to-be spouse in all your lovey-dovey glory!

But as exciting as your engagement session is, it can also make some couples nervous. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, and you may be anxious about how you will look, what you should wear, and how you should pose.

Have no fear! We put together this handy guide to help you feel prepared for your engagement session.

Choose the right outfit

Probably the question we get asked the most often about engagement photos is What should I wear? Whether shopping in your closet or buying something new, you want to stay away from bright colors and flashy patterns. Go with neutral or jewel tones, muted colors that won’t distract from you and your partner.

If you want more outfit options, consider dressing in layers. Having a cardigan or jacket, you can remove can add variety to your images without the hassle of changing clothes. And if you have no idea what to wear, please contact us for advice!

Couples engagement photos

Get all dolled up

Your engagement photos are the perfect excuse to visit a salon and get your hair and makeup done. A mini-makeover can give you extra confidence and make you feel like. model! It’s also the perfect reason to turn your engagement photo day into a fun date night. After all, your makeup and hair are done, and you’re all dressed up. Why not go out?

If you’ve already chosen a hairstylist and makeup artist for your wedding day, your engagement photos are a great trial run to test your look. Just be sure to let your makeup artist know you’re headed to a photo session, as makeup for photos is often slightly different from everyday makeup.

Make sure you’re comfortable

You should dress up for your photos, but keep the location in mind. If you’re going to be walking a lot, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and don’t wear anything that is difficult to move in. You don’t want to spend your whole session adjusting your outfit. Pick something that feels comfortable and allows for easy movement. And if there are gorgeous but uncomfortable shoes you have to wear, bring a pair of sneakers along so you have something better to walk in.

Couples engagement photos at UW

Don’t fret about posing

We won’t stop you from having fun striking poses in front of your mirror, but there’s no need to practice! We will guide you through poses and expressions, ensuring you feel comfortable and natural. The last thing you want are images that look forced and strained. We’ll offer advice and adjustments every step of the way to get photos you’ll love!

Just take a deep breath and trust your photographer. Focus on your fiancé, and the smiles will come naturally. Those are the best kind of smiles anyway!

Couples engagement photos at Gas Work park

Have your ring cleaned

An engagement session is about you and your partner taking the next big step in your relationship. We will be taking photos of your ring, so be sure to have it cleaned or clean it yourself before your session to make sure it sparkles!

Consider adding a furry friend

If you have a beloved pet, including them in your engagement session can be fun! Get some of their energy out with a long play session or time at the park beforehand. We also recommend you bring a friend to corral your pet during the photos of just the two of you.

Think about location

Let us know if you have a special place, like your proposed location, where you want to take photos! We’d love to capture your love in a meaningful place for you. But we have many favorite places if you aren’t sure where to go for photos. [insert a link to the page of Favorite Locations]

Couples engagement photos at Seattle wheel

Make a day out of it

Your engagement photos are all about the connection you and your partner share, so why not turn your session into a full day of romance? Have brunch at a favorite restaurant before your shoot, or take time afterward for dinner. Arrive at your location early and take a long stroll together. Spending time together before your session will put you in the right mood for your photos and help the photographer capture what makes you unique as a couple.

Trust your photographer

If you’re starting to feel incredibly nervous about your engagement session, remember that you hired a professional, and their job is to make you feel more comfortable and create images that you will love. They know how to pose you, get the most genuine smiles out of both of you, and how to frame, light, and edit your photos. So relax and enjoy your day!

Happy Planning!

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