We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you find the information you need quickly and easily. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our studio manager at hello@locclefilms.com.

General Questions

If you’re interested in booking me for your wedding, please fill out the contact form on my website or email me at hello@loclefilms.com. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with more details and availability. I require a signed contract and a $1,000 retainer fee to secure your date. The remaining balance is due one week before the wedding.

I recommend booking me as soon as possible, as I tend to get booked quickly, especially during the peak wedding season May to October. Ideally, you should book me at least 6 to 12 months before your wedding date, but feel free to contact me anytime to check my availability.

Yes, I love to travel and explore new places. I’m available for local and destination weddings, both within Seattle, WA, USA, and internationally. Travel fees may apply depending on the location and distance of your wedding. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for a custom quote.

The number of photos you will receive depends on the package you choose and the duration of your wedding. On average, you can expect to receive between 75 pictures per hour. I’ll deliver your photos within four weeks after your wedding via an online gallery, where you can view, download, and share your high-resolution images.

We do not deliver every image we shoot. Our process involves carefully selecting the best photos from the day, eliminating any duplicates, test shots, and images with issues like missed focus or less-than-ideal expressions. For instance, when shooting at low apertures, we often take extra shots to ensure perfect focus, selecting only the sharpest one for delivery. Similarly, while capturing spontaneous emotions like laughter and tears, we might take several shots to find the one with the most fitting expression. With our extensive experience processing millions of images annually, we prioritize delivering only the most impactful and high-quality images to you.

Yes. To see examples of our videography services, click here

Yes. To see examples of our photo booth services, click here

While we have experience with many venues, there’s a possibility we may not have shot at yours yet. If this is the case, we’ll arrive early on your wedding day to conduct a comprehensive walk-through. This allows us to identify the best spots for photography. Additionally, we conduct thorough online research before your event to ensure we are fully prepared to capture your special day beautifully, regardless of the location.

We typically do not provide partial-day coverage on weekends. On weekends, we only accept clients who require at least 6 hours of coverage or have a budget of $2,900.00 and above.

While Loc Le Films Wedding Photography is based out of Seattle, WA, we serve clients all around the world. Our destination wedding photography packages include the cost of travel and reasonable accommodations.

Typically, Loc is an owner. He will also be the lead photographer/videographer at your wedding. Depending on your wedding packages, Loc will have his team work with him on your special day.

Absolutely. These events fall under our specialty of event photography. We have dedicated our expertise to mastering wedding and event photography, ensuring we capture the essence of each celebration. We would be thrilled to be a part of your special event and help create lasting memories.

We often cover weddings where we are not fluent in the primary language of the ceremony. To prepare, we conduct thorough research to understand the cultural and traditional elements of the wedding. We also hold detailed discussions with our couples before the event to ensure we know key moments to capture. Our team relies on well-honed instincts to capture the emotions and stories as they unfold, regardless of language.

Regarding cinematography, we adopt a similar strategy if our editors do not speak the language used at your event. We maintain clear communication with you to grasp the significant moments of the day. We also incorporate English elements, such as emotional toasts or personal messages recorded during your preparations, to enhance your film’s narrative.

Despite the challenges posed by language differences, our commitment to artistry, creativity, and storytelling transcends these barriers, ensuring that both your photos and films beautifully reflect your special day.


At Loc Le Films, our photography style is a distinctive blend of wedding photojournalism with influences from fine art and fashion photography. We are passionate about utilizing creative lighting, unique perspectives, angles, and compositions, along with artistic post-production techniques. Our aim is to highlight your personality and beauty while narratively capturing the essence of your wedding day. We see ourselves not just as photographers, but as artists dedicated to creating expressive and memorable imagery. To get a sense of our quality and style, we encourage you to explore our Portfolio and Blog.

Absolutely! We believe in the transparency and consistency of our work. We understand that photographers often showcase their best shots on their websites, which might not fully represent their performance throughout an entire event. This is why we encourage all our potential clients to review full event galleries from any photographer they consider. This helps you see how consistently the photographer captures quality images throughout the day. We are happy to provide full event galleries so you can feel confident in our ability to beautifully document your entire wedding day.

No worries if your venue is on the darker side—we have extensive experience shooting in low-light environments, from dim chapels to shadowy reception halls. When permitted, we deploy additional lighting to capture crisp, clear images. In locations where flash photography is restricted, we rely on cameras with exceptional low-light performance and lenses designed for low apertures to ensure we still deliver stunning photos. If you’d like to see examples of how we’ve successfully managed similar conditions in the past, we’d be happy to show you samples from our portfolio.


Yes, we do. Every image you receive undergoes a detailed post-production process that reflects our unique signature style. This includes color correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity enhancements, tone-mapping, and other necessary corrections to ensure each photo looks its best. Unlike some photographers who may only edit selected images or none at all, potentially leaving you with photos that have inconsistent quality or common flaws like poor lighting or odd skin tones, we ensure every image you receive meets our high standards.

 “Touching up” refers to the process of enhancing the digital negatives to achieve the best possible results. This includes adjustments to white balance, exposure, and other elements to align the images with the specific style you prefer. Our goal is to ensure that each photo looks polished and beautifully represents your special day.

Advanced post-production involves touch-ups such as blemish removal, reducing under-eye circles, and taming fly-away hairs. Custom post-production, however, refers to more complex edits that require significant time and skill in Photoshop. This includes tasks like removing objects from a scene, altering the size and shape of body parts or objects, or adding elements into a photo. Due to the intricate and time-consuming nature of these edits, we charge on an hourly basis for custom post-production. For specific pricing based on your needs, please contact our studio manager for a detailed quote.


 Yes, we do charge for the time between events during your wedding day. While it might seem like downtime, we are actively engaged in numerous tasks such as backing up images, preparing equipment for the next venue, traveling, taking additional shots of the venue, or catching up on scheduled photos due to earlier delays. Often, we also use this interval to conduct private photo sessions with you and your significant other, or to capture more family portraits. This ensures that every moment of your day is utilized efficiently to provide you with a comprehensive collection of memories.

We recognize that weddings don’t always adhere strictly to schedule. We commit to not packing up until the contracted time has ended, and we won’t just leave as soon as that time expires. At the end of your contracted period, we will check with you to see if you’d like us to continue covering your event. If you choose to extend our services, we will charge for the additional time as specified in your contract, billing in thirty-minute increments for any extra time needed.

We commit the whole day to your wedding, ensuring we’re fully available for you without other commitments. However, additional coverage incurs extra costs. Our team, including photographers and lighting assistants, requires compensation for the extended hours. Additionally, the extra photographs taken during this time also need to undergo post-production, which adds to our overall expenses. These factors necessitate charging for any coverage beyond the initially agreed-upon time.


Typically, the post-production process for engagement session photos takes between 2 to 4 weeks following the date of the shoot. If you need your images sooner than this timeframe, we offer a rush processing option, which is available for an additional fee.

We recommend scheduling your engagement session as early as possible. Ideally, it should be done at least 10-12 weeks before your wedding. This timeframe allows sufficient time for the post-production of your images and the completion of any product orders you may have. 

Due to the high demand for weddings on weekends, we generally reserve weekdays for engagement sessions. However, if a weekend is the only time you can schedule your session, we can tentatively plan for it. Please be aware that if a wedding booking arises for the same weekend, we may need to reschedule your engagement session. Weekdays are also preferred because locations are usually less crowded, providing a more relaxed and intimate setting for your photos.

From a typical an hour engagement session, you can expect to receive between 50-70 images. For weddings, we generally deliver 60-80 images per hour of coverage. Please note that the actual number of images can vary based on the day’s activities and the flow of events, as some moments may require more extensive coverage than others

Your engagement session images will be ready for viewing no later than 4 weeks after the date of the shoot. If you need the images sooner than this timeframe, we offer a rush editing service for an additional fee of $250.00.


Typically, print orders are completed within 6 weeks after you submit your product order. If you need your prints sooner, we offer a rush processing option available for an additional fee of $250.00. Please note, if you also require rush shipping, additional fees may apply.

The production time for albums typically extends to about 8 weeks after your order has been placed. The duration leading up to the order can vary, depending on how quickly you provide feedback and approve the album design, as well as the number of revisions you request following the initial designs. Some clients finalize their choices within a month or two, while others may take longer than a year. If you need to expedite the album production process, we offer rush processing for an additional fee of $250.00. Please note that rush shipping, if required, will incur additional charges as well.

The production time for your sign-in book is typically around 8 weeks following the submission of your order. The timeframe before submission can vary, depending on your responsiveness to our design instructions and the number of revisions you request. If you need to expedite the production of your sign-in book, a rush processing fee of $250.00 is available. Additionally, should you require rush shipping, extra charges may also apply.

Each spreads on the album have 2-6 images and the maximum spreads we can have in the album is 40 spreads. If we have more images, we may need to have volume albums.

We do provide wall art and framing services for pieces larger than 11×17 inches. Inquire with your service consultant for more information!


You have the right to reprint the images for personal use as often as you like. However, you are not permitted to sell the images for profit or publish them in any form without the written consent of Loc Le Films.

Our packages include a download of images optimized for social media and/or full resolution, reflecting our commitment to delivering a polished, final product. We generally do not provide RAW (unprocessed) files as we aim to present images that are fully edited and crafted with our artistic vision. However, we understand that some clients may want these files for their personal use. Therefore, RAW files can be made available on special request, subject to an additional fee and certain restrictions.

From a typical an hour engagement session, you can expect to receive between 50-70 images. For weddings, we generally deliver 60-80 images per hour of coverage. Please note that the actual number of images can vary based on the day’s activities and the flow of events, as some moments may require more extensive coverage than others.

Yes we do. All of our packages come with Social Media and/or Full Resolution image download.

There is a $100 replacement charge for additional downloads after the event has been archived. We strongly suggest you make at least one copy of the download when you receive it from us.


We take the security of your images very seriously and have a robust backup system to prevent any loss. During the event, we use cameras that write to two memory cards simultaneously, instantly creating a backup of every image taken. After the event, we separate the primary cards from their backups to safeguard against any potential mishaps with one set. Additionally, we back up the images to a local server configured in RAID 1 to protect data through redundancy. We also store copies on an offsite hard drive. Before the final delivery of your images, we ensure that there are always two copies stored in separate locations, maximizing the safety of your precious memories.

Yes. Many venues require the photographer to have Liability Insurance. So before hiring Uncle Joe, make sure he’s covered.


All dates are reserved once we receive your signed contract and deposit.

Standard overtime rates apply. Overtime is billed at $400/hour per Master Photographer and $400/hour per Associate Photographer.

Unfortunately, no. Retainer fees are nonrefundable and used to reserve your date. Once we’ve reserved your date, we do not accept new clients.

Generally, no, but this is taken case-by-case. The reason for canceling and our availability are taken into account. Also, the new rates will apply if rates change from your original date to your new date.

The primary purpose is to provide adequate compensation for our photographers and lighting assistants for the additional travel time. Trips to Los Angeles, for example, can take over an hour each way. We have to compensate our team for this time. Unfortunately, these fees are necessary, coupled with the costs of reimbursing the team for the actual travel costs.

Unfortunately, collecting in cash does not exempt a photography studio from paying Washington sales tax on the package price amount when you’re a Washington resident.





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